A woman and a child in a field of flowers

Huron Women’s Shelter, Second Stage Housing, and Counselling Services is a safe place for women and families in crisis

Huron Women’s Shelter, Second Stage Housing and Counselling Services has been a part of the Huron community since 1985. We are committed to a rural community that uplifts and supports one another, and being a safe place for all of our community members to call home. We provide critical services to women and their families experiencing gender-based violence through intake, risk assessment, safety planning, system navigation and advocacy.  Where risk is low, we will help a woman plan her next steps accessing safe supports, supports, appropriate referrals and provision of available resources. If a woman is considered high risk and in need of residential support, we are committed to doing all we can to support her safely in a sheltered space. For more information about all the services we offer, please visit our about page.